Lucky to be Me

I Wish you Love

Both available from  harri@harrisjazz.com

( 80 mins)

Harriet Coleman is one of the many jazz enthusiasts throughout this country who keep jazz alive and well for very little reward other than the pleasure of being part of it and passing the message. She holds down four residences in the Surrey area and does innumerable dates all over the South.

Her Shepperton Jazz Club is a venue which books only the best of British and visiting American musicians.

But Harriet is more than just an enthusias: she is also an very active promoter and a fine singer.. Like many other performers who are ignored by the larger record companies , if she wants to record she has to do it herself. Hence these two  albums.

Never one to settle for anything other than the best she has recruited some stellar names to accompany on these two sessions She has Steve Waterman on trumpet and flugelhorn, Derek Nash on saxes,and a faultless rhythm section in John Pearce (pno), Andrew Cleyndert bs) and Steve Brown (drs)  John Pearce has also written all the arrangements. So you have an idea of what company she is keeping..

Harriet’s singing is tuneful, her diction perfect and she can swing a tune with the best but the main quality she exudes is the pure joy of singing.

Her choice of material is familiar, tried and trusted songs. The kind that audiences recognise.

She does a bluesy romp on   I Love Being Here With You,  a sprightly I Won’t Dance on the Lucky to be Me album and the two standout tracks for me on the second disc are a breezy version of   The Way You Look Tonight and a catchy Samba treatment of  I Wish you Love.

Both discs are heavy on up tempos which is apt as it conveys the kind of ebullient atmosphere you find on all Harri’s live dates and which keep the audiences coming back.

This is unpretentious  musical fare with its heart in the right place.

John Martin.
Thank you for all your efforts in supplying us with such a wonderful Sunday every month.  We appeciate al you put into it……………..Happy Xmas ’13

Derek H, Fred & Shirley, Pat & Mac, Derek T, Iris, Eddie & Beryl
Thank you for all the great music. Love, Pat & Mac xx Xmas ’13
Thank you for a great year of music. Love Fred & Shirley xx Xmas ’13

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to give us good jazz nights x
Love from Pat and Eddie. Dec’13

Dear Harri and Alan

Thanks for organising some wonderful concerts this year. We’ve enjoyed it all! Best wishes for 2014.
From Penny and John

Dec 13

Thanks for the great evenings of jazz.
Gladys & Gerry


Hi Harriet

A great night last night – sorry I wasn’t there earlier or with some of the ‘lads’ – however, as I mentioned I’d hightailed it from my son’s birthday dinner!!

Well done for organising another great evening.
Speak soon

Very best


Hi Harriet,

“Must just say what an excellent night that was last night, everyone playing out of their skins with total enjoyment and what a lineup.”

Love, Howard

Nice to hear from you, Harri.

Use my comments with pleasure. I can’t remember when I listened to a CD so full of pleasant surprises in song choice. I have it on all the time.

Great musicianship throughout.

21 Dec 12

Thanks for sending the CDs.  I love the singing and the great backing musicians, but also the song choice. Impeccable
Thank you again,

26 January 2012

Just a short e-mail to say that I really enjoyed TENOR MADNESS. A super, super gig. Swung like mad.. 3 top class tenor guys, the best of British and as good as you can get anywhere in the World!

And what a rhythm section. All top class and what a monster bass man Paul is. Drives like a RED ARROW!

I wish I could get to play in that band, it’s a real treat. I also wish I had all their e-mail addresses so I could thank them for a great night. You could tell that all the lads were having fun as well as earning their living. I wonder whether NASH and BARNES could take over the MORECOMBE and WISE missing slot. Both very funny. Hard to tell which one would get ERIC but I think Alan might just shave it. I loved the sound of his DYSON baritone!

Many thanks again.
A jealous drummer
John Sarge

Hi Harri and Alan,

Just wanted to thank you both for the Christmas party last week, it was a
great success with all of us and I’m sure you had a lot of good feed-back.
There was so much food and all of it very nice. I hope you’re not still
eating chicken drumsticks but if you are at least they are good ones! The
band were great – there are always people I have not seen before! I thought
the alto sax was especially fabulous and a trombone is always cool. On top
of all that it’s always a treat to hear you sing…

You have provided the Colmans with many good evenings this year and Janet
and I really appreciate it. The old ones are getting quite nervous about
traveling these days but they feel safe, (and quite spoiled), at your events
– as well as grandly entertained.

Have a very happy Christmas and a super 2012.

Donnica & Janet

Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 7:04 AM

Subject: Many thanks

Dear Harri,

Now that I ‘m in hospital recovering from a knee replacement I have time on my hands to thank you again for what was an excellent evening. The programme, your voice and the skill of “your boys” were fantastic.  So many people have telephoned me to say how much the enjoyed the evening,  I do hope that you all left the club feeling the warmth of our member’s appreciation of your efforts.

It was a pleasure to meet your husband, please pass on my best wishes and thanks too.

Best wishes,

28 Oct 11

Dear Harriet,

Many thanks for yesterday’s wonderful concert with Laurie Holloway.

An evening of sheer delight.

Kindest regards


Douglas Gordon
09 July 2011 08:27 Re Stanwell Hotel

Good morning Harriet and Alan,
Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed last night. The food was very nice and quite reasonable price. Pam, being a non musician, loved the music. I put it that way because she IS MUSICAL but not a musician, and when she goes out to listen to an evening’s music she hears it from the point of view of a listener rather than a “player”.Remind me of the August date if you would. Thoroughly enjoyed last night. Many congratulations on another excellent venue.
Lots of love
John and Pam

Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 10:08 AM

Hi Harriet

just wanted to say how much my friends and I enjoyed the evening at the Stanwell Hotel. A very relaxed evening, superb music, you have a beautiful voice!  We look forward to joining you there again.

Kind regards

Carol Hedley
I am so pleased that I DID manage to get to The Jade. That was a really great session, coming on top of a great night at Bagster this week. Top marks Ms Coleman!
Sarge 30/5/11
Dear Harri

It was good to see you again and to experience wonderful music from you and the outstanding musicians. We really enjoyed the entertainment, the ambience and the superb musicianship.
Very best wishes,
Malcolm  16/4/11
10 March 11

Harriet many thanks for a very cool evening at Stanwell, great fun.
Yours Clive Richardson and friend.
——————————————————————————————————————-Hello Harri,
What a way to brighten up a dull Saturday morning – terrific!!
Had dinner round Pat & Anna’s yesterday and your name was mentioned – as a great jazz singer – trust that you are well?
Love Bill Walter. 26/2/11
Dear Harriet

Many, many thanks for finding me excellent seats on Thursday night.   You run a great club and it was great to hear an excellent band.

Should you ever plan to be in Brighton on a Friday night, please let me know and I’ll save you a seat at BJC.

Kind regards

Ken Ball
Dear Harri,

I am writing to say how much my wife and I enjoyed the session at the Anne Boleyn Hotel yesterday. It is the first time that we have been to one of your events and we thought it was beautifully organised. I am glad we braved the snow.

Everything about the event seemed to far exceed what one normally expects to find at a jazz gig: a combination of a sophisticated venue, great food and marvellous music played to an attentive audience. And, of course, we enjoyed the company, thank you for putting us on such a nice table with ‘Megs’ Meredith.

I love Jo’s playing. My wife, too, enjoys its melodic quality although she is what used to be called a ‘mouldy figge’ – that is to say a previously died in the wool early New Orleans Jazz enthusiast. It means that I have no problem in persuading her to accompany me to Jo’s gigs and I had to smile in her direction when she played When The Saints Go Marching In.

I love the rich bluesy tone of Jo’s playing at live events which somehow does not seem to have found its way on to her two CDs which I find much cooler. Have you thought about having one of these club sessions recorded live, Her delightfully warm and humorous comments between the numbers would be something quite unusual in a jazz recording.

By separate email I am sending you a slideshow of some photos I took at the session. I am not sure how prints of these would turn out as they are very grainy since they were taken without flash, but they capture the atmosphere of the occasion and that famous smile. Here is one:

If you right click on any of the photos in the slideshow you can copy and paste them on to your own computer.

All best wishes,

Peter Blackburn 20/12/10
Dear Harri,

Super music last Thursday all our friend’s enjoyed it very much including ourselves.

Best Wishes to you and Alan  22/1/11
Hello Harriet, i’ve been down to Wimbledon and on arriving back home yesterday your CD was waiting for me.Played it today and and your lovely voice is so reminiscent of the days when great songs were being composed and great singers putting their interpretation on them;the ladies like Ella,Peggy,Sarah,and June Christy,Maureen McGovern,Sue Raney.You are right up there with them,keeping the good music alive. What I can’t understand is why I have not heard you before !?! Are your CD’s not available through the multiple retailers or maybe you don’t want them to be? Anyway I think”Meet Me Midnight”is a set for you to be really proud of. And,of course,you could not have chosen a more accomplished quartet of guys to back you.Incidentally, a double CD of the great Harriett Coleman for ten quid is a steal – you should be charging a lot more. I believe you have other CD’s available? If so can you please advise prices and I will dash off another cheque without delay! Thanks for the beautiful music. Ron. July 2010
Hi Harriet – back home now and played the CD this morning – like “Midnight” it’s beautiful – an original output of a fully paid up member of the cool school. New York must have been sadly missing you these past forty years! Do you ever get back for a gig or a holiday? I love Manhattan almost as much as i love NoLa. Thanks for finding the copy of “Passing By”and sending it to me. And please keep in touch with any future news Harriet – Happy Xmas to you and yours,
Ron X   19/12/2010
Nov 2010
Meet me midnight. 2 c.ds. Harriet Coleman. Wow I just managed to get a copy of Harri’ ,s latest album.    I first met Harriet and her familly when they moved from N.Y.C. and moved into next door in Shepperton and she sent for her Steinway to be shipped over ,my wife and I moved to new jobs and away from Shepperton and lost touch it has taken some 30yrs to find her again but well worth itMeet me midnight has 25 tracks of wonderful songs,all well known to lovers of softly sung lyrics. Harriet has a voice that excels in that style and like many previous recording artists is a style of her own .Just listen to “Dance only with me” and then,”Between the devil and the deep blue sea”a more upbeat number.They demonstrate her versitility admairablly.I have not chosen a best track I can’t,I do know that playing this album takes me to my work and back in a soft mellow mood.Harri(her concert name) is a very classy lady and her accompanying quartet ,who all take solo spots,are just right.
Ken Denham.Belfast
I missed a lump off the stuff I sent you about the c.d. which I am still playing bye the way,It goes”this album is one of those you nod to the beat when driving and tap the steering wheel when waiting at the lights “I realy do this.
17 Nov 2010
July 2010

‘i would like to thank Harri and her band for playing at our wedding.  They were a pleasure to work with and they got all guests of all ages up dancing.  the music selection was fantastic.  I couldn’t thank them all enough for making the day so memorable and being part fo such a special day.  thank you Harri’

Hi Harri

We had a really nice day on Sunday. The singing and music were superb, the food was good and the company was very interesting.

We hope to come with a few friends next month.

Many thanks.

Best wishes

Hi Harri

We enjoyed last month’s session at the Anne Boleyn Hotel so much we’ve gathered a group together for this month.

At the moment there are six of us but there may be two more who I need to speak to tomorrow night.

I will get back to you tomorrow night when I have confirmed numbers etc.

Best wishes.

Hello Harriet, I’ve been down to Wimbledon and on arriving back home yesterday your CD was waiting for me.Played it today and and your lovely voice is so reminiscent of the days when great songs were being composed and great singers putting their interpretation on them;the ladies like Ella,Peggy,Sarah,and June Christy,Maureen McGovern,Sue Raney.You are right up there with them,keeping the good music alive. What I can’t understand is why I have not heard you before !?! Are your CD’s not available through the multiple retailers or maybe you don’t want them to be? Anyway I think”Meet Me Midnight”is a set for you to be really proud of. And,of course,you could not have chosen a more accomplished quartet of guys to back you.Incidentally, a double CD of the great Harriett Coleman for ten quid is a steal – you should be charging a lot more. I believe you have other CD’s available? If so can you please advise prices and I will dash off another cheque without delay! Thanks for the beautiful music. Ron.  July 2010
I wanted to tell you that we enjoyed our evening with Scott Hamilton at
Bagster House enormously. The atmosphere and the friendliness of the place
was exceptional, (we decided that this was probably down to your hard work
and sparkling personality!). The sound was great and suited all, from the
young and lively to the mildly deaf… We had a terrific table for watching
the musicians and the music itself was brilliant! We all are very excited about future events and I would like to book us into your 25th February evening with the Matt Wates Sextet. We would also like to become members of your excellent club. We will be 5 as before.
Kind Regards

Donnica and the Colman Family
Sunday’s gig exposed me to a whole new bunch of musicians that I haven’t listened to before and I can honestly sat that Jill and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a lovely gig and I can understand why so many people are fans of yours. It’s not just about the singing (faultless), but the warmth that you spread and the way that you really connect with people – in an age where everything seems to be getting more impersonal – I am truly pleased to be able to be able to count you and Alan as people that I am proud to know. Regarding the Frog and Sprocket, or whatever it is called, I fully intend to be there with Jill and possibly Mike and Helen (if they can tolerate 30 miles or so of my driving).
Alan xx

Dear Harriet,


We would just like to thank you for this afternoon, we enjoyed the music, company and  food.  A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Kind regards,

Jane and Danny
Frances joins me in sending you best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and with thanks for another year of geat jazz at Harri’s.
Thank you so much for the music.  Wishing you a MerryChristmas and a wonderful New year!!. With love from two of your fans.
Pat & Mac xx
Dear Harriet,
I am writing to wish you a Merry Christmas and to tell you that you, Diana Krall, and Stacy Kent are on my hi-fi more than anyone else.  Keep up the good work,
P.S. You always find such beautiful songs!
Thank you for putting on such an enjoyable evening (17th).  You put such a lot of effort & time into it and it’s really much appreciated.  Have a Good christmas and all the best for 2010.
Hello Harri,
Greeting for 2010. Thank you so much for your very enjoyable emails they are always a pleasure to receive.

I feature your CD’S on my local ( not quite worldwide ) radio program TTM Jazz 10.00 till 12.00 midnight on Sundays. Have you released any further CD’s that I may be able to highlight to my listeners.

Please pass on my sincerest regards to Derek ant the rest of the group. Happy days at” THE BRIDGE”.

Kind regards.
Ken Hallam.
Dear Harriet,
Thank you for some marvellous jazz in the “Bridge Hotel” in Teddington.  Give my regards and
respect to the very accomplished backing groups you steer so admirably.
Fondest Regards,
Ken Hallam (From Oz)(Drummer)
************************************************************************************************************1Hi Harri

Colin and Josie here.

Thank you for a fantastic evening on the 2nd Oct. Waters Edge. You made our 25th anniversary a blast, really special. The CD is top drawer.
9 November 2009
We were very pleased with the jazz at our wedding and were inundated with guests (and staff at the golf club) saying how great the music was!

Graham and I are very well and would love to come to one of the jazz events.  I have printed off your program and hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,

Hi Harri


What an enjoyable night…Nice music ….nice people ….nice musicians… nice relaxed humour…and a curry…what more could a man want ? (don’t answer that).


Lots of love to you both


Chris xx (Chris Dean)
Dear Harri

Hi, what can I say. You certainly made Irene’s Day (& Night). The tribute was perfect.  She lapped up every line.  what a superb evening, music, food and wine. So, thank-you for the good times.  The ones we’ve had. The ones to come.  If there’s a better way to enjoy life, I can’t think of one.
with Love,
Brenda & Irene
It was great for you to be at my 80th and as usual your voice was wonderful. Many of my guests commented on your performance. Love Pat


Wonderful evening on Saturday and what a great line up you put together. Gordon Campbell was outstanding and his ” Stardust ” would have put Tommy Dorsey in the shade. Look forward to the next time.


Thanks, Harri.  You were great – and what a band!



Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 10:54 AM
Subject: Nice tracks!

Dear Harri

It was good to talk to you the other day and I have just had the pleasure of looking at and listening to your website. Your singing is very good and I’m sorry to say that this is the first time I’ve heard it. Your interpretations of Blues Skies, Rte 66 and My Ideal were delightful-well done. Your mezzo alto range and smoky quality  so suits the material you specialise in and makes a perfect match.  I’m surprised that you are not a household name in these parts. As a means of promoting your Waters Edge gig here at Brunel in Uxbridge it would be a great help if you could post me a copy of 1 of your cds- (a dub copy is fine) as I’d like to expose the locals to your fine talents. If so, the below address will do. I look forward to hearing the entire tracks!

All best

Frank Griffith

Director of Performance
Brunel University
School of Arts

Just to say that we really enjoyed your double C/D and have listened to it a lot. They are two lovely sets and you sing so well. The musicians are second to none. You have a beautifully modulated voice with a style frequently reminiscent of Peggy Lee. In other words, a joy to listen to! (Hope you agree about Peggy Lee).

Best Wishes,

Re: your CD
Wow that was quick!  Thanks Harri, really appreciate it.  Really enjoyed your set too and your tone
and choice of tunes! Just sorting my set for Bexley Jazz Club with Derek tomorrow  – paper everywhere!

Will pop down again in May and poss on 19th and stay for longer this time!




Hi Harri –

thanks for the invitation to the Thames Riviera Hotel it proved to be a finely honed and well presented series of sets –

I particularly appreciated the space given to the Musicians to stretch themselves with instrumentals and there was some fine work for real jazz enthusiasts to enjoy by the excellent Trio.  Yet it remained unobtrusive to the main Diners who were perhaps not so well informed as concert jazz listeners. Fine vocals too from yourself and  Phil Phillips

Let me know when you extend into the Chilterns and I will help to raise a larger listening audience for you.

Jazz Eddie
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23 March 09
Hello Harriet

Just listening to your two cd’s.  I’m absolutely knocked out! Absolutely wonderful.  John Pearce, he’s so good isn’t he.  But you, your diction is wonderful. Just listened to “You Go To My Head”. What a lovely tune. Yea  absolutely fabulous. Knocked out!  Very pleased for you.  Very, very pleased.

Roy Evans


Thanks for your letter.

You did indeed send me a copy (and sent a copy to my pal John in Manchester).

You always did have a way of choosing beautiful songs that seem to have slipped under the radar.

Keep up the good work.

Love as ever,

Hello Harriet,

Just a short note to say how much I loved Sunday lunch. The music was really great.

We have been listening to you since La Escondida in Walton going back 5 years or so and you were always a great singer. However, as Phil said to you in our break at Sunbury Golf Club you have improved so much with all the work you are doing nowadays. I listened very carefully yesterday, as I love singing, and your mike technique and phrasing is really great. Also final note chord variations when the guys have played a Rall ending and you hold a really tasteful, jazzy note against their final chord. Hair on neck stuff my love!!! Top class!!!

Re:  24 Feb 08 at the Anne Boleyn Hotel with Jimmi Hastings, John Horler & Zultan Dekany

“We really enjoyed our lunch. Sunday lunch is soooo..relaxing. It’s a forget my troubles time of the week, don’t you agree.

The music was superb. Those 3 guys are just so special. Pam loved the number you did with Jimmy on flute. It was so pretty. When I looked at her she was crying.

It really was special. He is just about the most “melodic” and sensitive sax player you could hear. He is so in tune with what everybody else is doing.

John too is so good. Not only when he is playing solos but his playing with the other front line is brilliant. He does not OVER PLAY when they are soloing which can be very annoying. What can you say. They are, just like all the other guys you play with, the top of their profession.

Now young lady..you’re pretty special too. You sang brilliantly today. You are still Karen Carpenter in the lower registers. Your mike technique is superb. And you hold long notes at the end of tunes with not a wobble or warble anywhere. I bet you really love singing with those people. It gives you the chance to show how good you are AND YOU ARE! SUPERB!

We may well be along for Mothers day and the next Jade. Let you know ASAP.
In the meantime lots of hugs and kisses.”
John and Pam Sargeant

You may remember my name – you played & sang beautifully at my daughter Emilie’s wedding (Emilie & Steve Crease) at Northcote House, Sunningdale, on April 15th 2006, Easter Saturday.  Everyone really enjoyed your playing and thank you so much.

Very best wishes
Dear Harriet and Alan

Many thanks for a most enjoyable evening. Great music and atmosphere and it was also good to meet friends we had not seen in a while.

I also knew buying the CD was a great decision………….confirmed by your two songs.

Hope to see you on Monday at the Fox & Hounds.

Best regards
Alan & Erica Crouse

Dear Harriet

I just wanted to say a big Thank You to yourself and the Jazz musicians for making Janice & Dominic’s Wedding on 28.07.07 so extra special.

Your singing & the band were exceptional & everyone commented on how great you all were.  You exceeded our expectations.  Thank you.

Love, Maureen xxx

Hi Harri

I just wanted to thank you again for performing at our wedding. Unfortunately we got off to a late start but everyone said you were fab and you certainly did sound great. Please pass on our thanks to Phil who also did a sterling job.

I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. Take care in the meantime and next time we are having a party we will certainly keep you in mind for entertainment and recommend you without hesitation.

Best Wishes

Marie and Leigh Baker xx


Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 12:54 PM

Subject: 1st July super day

Many thanks for a truly wonderful afternoon of Jazz.

From Clive and Dianne Richardson

No need to say how much Richard and I enjoyed your music on Sunday. I love to hear the standards and I’m very glad we came along to meet you. Things working out so well just poses one problem; we are now in danger of neglecting our guests in September to listen to you!

Best wishes,


Meredith x
                                                                             15 December 2006

Dear Harri
We just wanted to say Thank You to you and the guys for playing at our Wedding reception on 24 November.  You really helped in making our big day so special and perfect.
We really enjoyed your music and so did all our guests.

With Best wishes

Andrea & Elwyn Dop
Re: “Meet Me Midnight” recorded Nov. 2006

Hi Harriet

“…thanks for the new album which I have now listened to. Absolutely superb. I enjoyed it more than your first album. You did not miss a note and are singing so well.  Arrangements excellent, beautifully recorded and a very nice choice of material. You must be very pleased with it. I agree that while Dave and John are excellent as you would expect, Steve is so sensitive with his drumming and Derek has recorded the drums quite outstandingly. Piano in perfect tune and again well recorded. Derek’s playing too is very sensitive. Sometimes he can dominate a little but not on this. The CD is very well balanced and I will be playing it a lot I am sure…..This CD deserves airtime…”

Love Ron X

15 September 2006

Dear Harri
Just a little note to thank you and your band for playing such lovely music at our wedding.  Everyone enjoyed it especially us.

We are just in the process of moving but once settled hope to come and hear you sing again.  Will keep an eye on your website.

Thanks again,
Charlotte Cohen & Sam Moon.
“Good morning Harriet

I think I managed to thank all of your band members at the end of the evening, but I missed you.  Perhaps you were changing.

Anyway a very big thank you for your excellent entertainment.  It made the whole evening very enjoyable indeed.

Kind regards and I shall look forward to our paths crossing once again.


Denise Jones
Branch Secretary




“Lovely to meet you yesterday and we really enjoyed relaxing to the album at home before bedtime. Charlotte”
“Hi Harri,

Really enjoyed the show last night at La Escondida. Many thanks,
Best wishes

“Amongst my Jazz CD collection I have a particular penchant
for the female singer and spend a lot of time looking for ‘new’ ladies
(unknown to me) as well as the more seasoned superstars. I am though,
extremely fastidious in my likes and dislikes. Singing Jazz is
all about timing and phrasing. Your CD has timing and phrasing in abundance and has given me so much pleasure since I purchased it last week. congratulate you on its production. I like every track on the CD, but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the last track — That’s All, which is a nifty title for the finale. I hope there will be a follow-up in the not
too distant future. Kind regards, Geoff”
“I’m just writing to offer you our most sincerest thanks for yours and your bands efforts at our fund raising event on Valentines day.  We really didn’t expect to be so lucky in a) getting anyone to perform or b) getting a band so good!  I have to say that I really do think that your performance made the night such the success that it was.  We had numerous extremely positive comments from practically everyone who was there, specifically about the band.  You really did contribute an awful lot to creating the wonderful atmosphere that we had there. Many regards, Wayne”

“So you gave me a terrifc evening of song……..  then as soon as I got home I put your CD on and you sang me to sleep……..  sigh.

and to top it all off……….. you woke me with a song!!!   (people are going to talk)
and then……  you sang to me on my morning school run  (are you stalking me??)

Great tunes, lovely voice, the musicians were superb…….   your cd is definitely a keeper.

Thanks again,  Marv”

“Thanks for another super afternoon of music and fun.   Great players, terrific food…. and that sultry singer……. wow!!!    :)))

you have to keep California Dreamin in your sets……… it sounded superb”

Marv has told me how great you are so hoping to come along on 24th to see you at Escondida.Regards, Sheila”


Harriet – a life in music

  • Apart from singing, Harriet studied classical piano, classical guitar and tap dance.  She successfully auditioned for the London Philharmonic Choir and subsequently performed with the choir at the Royal Albert Hall, conducted by Daniel Barenboim.
  • She has sung with many of the UK’s top jazz players, including Jamie Cullum, John Horler, John Pearce, Dave Newton, Dave Green,  Andrew Cleyndert, the late Dick Morrissey and Ronnie Ross, Derek Nash, Steve Waterman, Alan Barnes, Mark Nightingale, John Critchinson, Steve Brown, Alan Ganley, Martin Drew and great Americans such as Spike Robinson & Gary Scott.
  • She has performed numerous times at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and several times at Pizza on the Park in London.  She sang at the wedding of former England rugby player Brain Moore and at a party for the cast of the file of A Fish Called Wanda (including John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis)
  • Stars who have performed at her club include one of the UK’s best ever tenor sax players Disk Morrissey, the late US jazz pianist Gene Harris, the U.S. tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton, U.S. Tenore Sax/Clarinetist Ken Peplowski,  Jamie Cullum, Clare Teal and many others.
  • Harriet says she has no favourite song – “I have a repertoire of hundreds, there’s so many that I love.”  Her favourite singers are Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme and Tony Bennett.
  • Harri’s latest CD “Lucky To Be Me” features Derek Nash Saxophonist from the Jools Holland Band who also recorded the album at the Clowns Pocket Studio, Steve Waterman on Trumpet/Flugel (Steve has won numerous jazz awards over the years and he is professor of Jazz Trumpet at Trinity College of Music in London),John Pearce who accompanies Harri on the Piano and did all her arrangements (John was pianist for the James Last Orchestra for 17 years), Dave Green 0n Double-bass, and Steve Brown on Drums (two of UK’s top jazz musicians )(John, Dave and Steve are Scott Hamilton’s Trio on his recordings and they are the most requested by visiting international jazz artists for their rhythm section.